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KIRSTEN BROWN-GARCIA   -  Visual artist




Kirsten Brown-Garcia, was born in 1968 in Lima, Peru and grew up in Ecuador. She received her Visual Arts degree with Honors from Brown University in 1990 and then studied architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD). She interrupted her studies in architecture to pursue a career in visual arts. Subsequently, she also completed a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.


Kirsten utilizes drawing, painting, and mixed media assemblages to evoke emotionally charged, symbolic qualities that speak to the existential undercurrents of human experience. She explores the nature of archetypal language by fusing past visual legacies with contemporary image-usage and through this archetypal-temporal fusion, explores the notion of art as liminal space. 

IMG_5590 2.jpg

Currently Kirsten is working with the archetype of the Black Madonna, creating drawings and photographic assemblages to explore themes of death and rebirth, the sacredness of the mundane, as well as the interface between power, vulnerability and compassion. 


Kirsten’s works are in private collections in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia; she currently lives in Miami, Florida. 

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