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The archetype of the Black Madonna embodies the dark mother who navigates all that we have disowned. Whereas western ideals exalt the archetype of the White Madonna, with her qualities of receptivity, softness, and purity, the Black Madonna speaks to that which this chronic idealization has neglected.  Whereas the White Madonna speaks to that in us which strives to be elevated, the Black Madonna finds the sacred within the earthen - the ordinary and mundane. She honors the body, awakens our connection to the earth, and summons our courage to venture into the existential cycles of death and rebirth. 


The Black Madonna challenges our vapid escapism and cuts through deceit without excuses or justifications. She unearths any stance that is derisive towards that which is female, and unflinchingly dismantles any damage that patriarchal systems have done to both women and men. She doesn’t play small or try to soften her response. Instead, she teaches us to wield the sword of righteous anger with integrity and humanity. She embodies fierce compassion and awakens in us the courage to challenge those who, in misusing their power, have obliterated the integrity of others. When we allow her to move through us unimpeded, we step into our own allegiance to our deepest integrity.

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